Rely on PADWAM to update WordPress / plugins PADWAM will update

Websites created with WordPress are not “finished when published”.
Since WordPress and plug-ins are programs, updates are necessary for stable website operation.
PADWAM always updates WordPress and plug-in update information, so update it as necessary.

Relocation from other companies' rental servers is also available

We accept server relocation of websites created with WordPress.

- Check for virus infection when moving.(If the virus is infected, remove it.)
- Upgrade the latest version of WordPress and plug-ins when moving.
(*Excluding specially created plug-ins and dedicated systems)
- Always set SSL when moving.
- PADWAM is equipped with “Let ʼs Encrypt” that does not require updating.

Looking for a web server How about PADWAM?

When considering new / renewal of a website with WordPress, it is also necessary to select a web server.
PADWAM is also recommended for web production companies.
- Test site environment standard
- Standard backup function
- We accept domain management

Specialized in WordPress
Fast and secure web server

The web server PADWAM provided by Media Prime was built with an emphasis on security.
WordPress, a popular application, is often the target of malicious hackers.
While making the utmost efforts not to be violated by viruses, we are also working on countermeasures in the event that a virus is invaded.

PADWAM : Protected And Defended WordPress Administration Manager

About performance

Safety is more important than anything, but just as important is the performance of using the site without stress.
This server pursues cost-effective performance performance by combining various technologies.
You can also switch services freely, so you can easily move to a server with better performance.
Images uploaded by customers are processed on the server side and compressed to a level that does not degrade the image quality as much as possible.
Style sheets, JavaScript, and HTML are also compressed and transferred, so they can be transferred at high speed in about half the original time.

SELinux installed

Virus check and automatic recovery function

Detailed logging function

Danger plug-in warning function


This server also offers a wealth of functions.
Not only backup and restoration from backup, but also a test server ...
We also provide functions that are not found anywhere else, and strongly support your business and hobbies.

Free use of test server

When updating plug-ins or making major design changes, the display of the site will be greatly confused with minor mistakes. This server has a dedicated test server for each customer.

WordPress and various built-in plug-ins accurate update work

Updating WordPress and various plug-ins is essential.
The frequency of updates that can occur after publishing a website, such as dealing with vulnerabilities and improving functions, is often the same as smartphone apps. The media prime technical staff will do the update work including the operation verification.
Your website will remain open with the latest program version at any time.

Automatic backup once a day

All data is automatically backed up.

*just in case, it is strongly recommended that you download the backed up regularly.

Plug-in Development

Developing a plug-in for WordPress

Web site creation

Please feel free to contact us about moving or creating a new website.

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Please feel free to contact us about moving or creating a new website.

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