SELinux installed

SELinux is an extended function of the Linux OS developed mainly by the US National Security Agency, and is an access control module that is intended for use in government agencies that require extremely high security. In addition to preventing malicious hackers and automated virus intrusions, we also restrict and monitor the behavior of intruders with various functions, assuming that they have been invaded. This server is fully equipped with SELinux to prepare for external threats.

Virus check and automatic recovery function

The virus protection function developed independently will automatically repair your file even if it is infected with a virus. Generally, it is easy to remove computer viruses, but it is said that it is difficult to restore infected files. The virus protection function installed in this server automatically monitors changes in the customer’s file and responds to this by rewinding to the version immediately before the infection.

Detailed logging function

Once a virus has been allowed to enter, it is extremely important to avoid infection with the same technique as before. Since this server records virus actions in various ways in detail, it is an environment that can quickly implement recurrence prevention functions.

Danger plug-in warning function

This server is linked with the vulnerability information database “JVN”, which is jointly operated by IPA (Information Processing Promotion Organization) and JPCERT / CC (JPCERT Coordination Center), via API. * Partial manual processing
If vulnerabilities are found in the WordPress or plug-in you are using, we will notify you promptly.
In WordPress, it is said that it is necessary to go version up frequently, and that is the correct operation method. However, we know that there are many websites that are difficult to execute because there are some problems with the upgrade.
If you use the danger plug-in warning function of this server, you can see how dangerous it is if you do not upgrade. The risk level is expressed as a numerical value from 0 to 10 after comprehensive judgment by security experts. For example, in order to make the operation rules manual, for example, “If the risk level is 7 or higher, we can respond immediately”. It can also be used as an indicator of.

Initial setting fee 28,000 yen (excluding tax)
Monthly server usage fee 15,000 yen (excluding tax)